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After more than twenty years working in the fashion industry, I took a break last year from the hectic 9-5 grind and started playing golf. Armed with a 7 iron and a putter to start, I was - from day one - completely smitten and play as often as I can.


As a woman who loves fashion and now understands what is important to a golfing wardrobe, I saw a real opportunity to translate my passion, expertise and golf clothing knowledge onto the fairways. This is where the CAS GOLF story began.

CAS GOLF, created by a golfer with a love for fashion, is a locally made collection of designer inspired golf clothing, exclusively for women. Clothing that drives you to look good, feel good and play better.


The acronym CAS stands for CLASSY and SASSY. It is the essence of everything the brand stands for. It so too happens to be a play on my daughter’s name.


The CAS GOLF journey has become a real family affair. Both my husband and son are serious golfers, and my daughter is fully invested in this brand through her creative contribution. There have been many happy hours spent discussing CAS GOLF around the dining table – from the overall vision right down to the smallest detail of what colour buttons to use.


My aspiration for this brand is to give all women who choose to wear CAS GOLF, the gift of a personal best.


With CAS GOLF you will be sporting an outfit crafted by a woman who understands that looking good gives one the confidence and self-belief that they can take on the world, one shot at a time.


Sarah Procter


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